Coralie Renard & Michaël Lafrasse - Hikers

Coralie and Michaël are mountain lovers and landscape hunters. Coralie, originally from the Ardennes, came to Grenoble for an end-of-study internship and never left the capital of the Alps. As they say, the mountain wins you over.
As for Michaël, a purebred Grenoble resident and a frequent traveler in a campervan in his childhood, has never left his cozy nest, because as he likes to remind us, what's the point of going far away, when you have wonders at the bottom of the garden!
We live south of Grenoble, under the Vercors and more precisely under the Col de l'Arc which we observe every day. This is our landmark!
Mountaineers and lovers of everything relating to nature and more precisely to the mountains, we devote our free time to exploring them. On foot on the hiking trails, running on the trail courses, on the mountain bike routes or on the cycling routes, on the snowshoe passages and on the ski slopes... We like to travel the paths heart of the mountains.
We decided, 3 years ago now, to share our passion and our adventures on social networks in order to show the landscapes that surround us through our photos. Highlight these riches and motivate people to discover them but also to protect them. At the same time, we launched a blog where you can find hikes, advice, discoveries and tests.
We chose Lagoped for their commitment to nature and their desire to limit environmental impacts as best as possible, with the aim of protecting it and being able to continue to explore it! Sharing these values, it is only natural that we are proud to be part of the Lagoped Family!
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