Baptiste Deturche - Wildlife film director

Born and living in the Alps, I am a director, camera operator and editor of wildlife and nature films. After a university course in biology and ecology, I joined IFFCAM, the animal cinema school. I learned my skills there and at the end of this training I produced the editing and images of several films in the mountains of France, Italy and Romania.

In 2019 I made my film “Fjellrev, the Scandinavian Quest” about the rare polar fox of Scandinavia. In 2022 I am preparing a new film, more local to talk about mountain galliformes*, these exceptional and endangered mountain birds. Released in January 2023 and teaser can be found here .

Passionate about nature and images, I make it a point of honor to show nature to as many people as possible to make it known, loved and protected. I am very involved in raising awareness among young people by showing my films to schools.

Wildlife film is the way I found to share my passion for the wild and participate in its preservation!

*Mountain Galliformes: Alpine Ptarmigan, Bartavel Partridge, Capercaillie, Black Grouse, Grouse